DuraShield HD – Premium Windshield Protection AND Money-Making Opportunity

NEW Revolutionary DuraShield HD—
Premium Windshield Protection AND Money-Making Opportunity!


The perfect addition to our Syntek Brand Family, DuraShield HD gives you one-of-a-kind, premier windshield and glass protection. This unique set of cleaning, sealing, and glass re-sealing products not only improves the strength by 10X and durability of your glass, but helps keep water, dirt, debris, bugs, and even tar from sticking to your glass.

That’s not all!

DuraShield HD actually improves the visibility of your glass, giving you a hi-def driving experience, even at night.

A University of Michigan study showed that DuraShield HD made night driving as safe as day driving for any age!


Business Opportunity

This revolutionary offering will not only build your residual income but gives you huge opportunities for leveraging retail margins in a new way. DuraShield HD also gives you more than one way to make money. Similar products can be applied by car dealers for upwards of $2500. DuraShield HD price is only $110 wholesale, giving you, as exclusive distributors, the ability to not only sell the kits, but create additional revenue streams through charging for a value-added application well below the price of any potential competitor.

Enroll HERE


Purchase DuraShield HD HERE

*Currently only available in the USA.

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