Syntek Global Worldwide Opportunity – 50 New Markets

2014 has been an incredible year for Syntek Global already. Not only have they made things easier for the Distributors, held an inspiring International Convention, and launched a new product line, but they continue to grow and expand across the world. In April and May alone they opened in more than 50 new countries.

50 new markets


On April 1st Syntek Global opened in the European Union. There are 28 countries in the EU, and the people there are ready to live without barriers and save on fuel with Xtreme Fuel Treatment!

To help you understand how big of an opportunity this is, here are some facts about the EU:

•    There are over 503 million people in the EU (the 3rd largest population in the world).
•    There are nearly 300 million vehicles.
•    Average price for fuel is around $7 USD per gallon.
•    Across the EU the unemployment rate is 12%.
•    The EU has high taxes—sales tax alone is an average of 22% (compared to 6-8% paid in the U.S.).

Then one month later, on May 1st, they opened in the Caribbean! That’s another 26 countries to build your business in. With high unemployment in the region, people are turning to entrepreneurship and looking to be their own boss. They are also ready to change their lives through Syntek Global.

So what does all of this mean? It means what we have said time and time again:

When you have the solution to a BIG problem,

Then you have a GREAT opportunity!



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