Beware of the Fictitious “Janicka Fox”

WARNING: Someone using the name Janicka Fox has been claiming to be a reporter, approaching Syntek Global distributors, and publishing false statements about Syntek Global over the internet. Please be aware that “Janicka Fox” is a fictitious person. The photo being used is actually Emma O’Sullivan, a reporter for Channel 10 News in Melbourne, Australia. Emma has been contacted and informed that someone has stolen her photo to set up a fake identity. Check this out:

This impostor has been sharing slanderous, fictitious news reports and videos about recent court hearings involving Syntek Global. These statements are false. The judge in the court case filed by Syntek Global has held the defendants (Denton Thiede, Christopher Nemelka, and their company) in contempt of court and has sanctioned them for making false statements similar to those posted in the name of “Janicka Fox.” The judge has entered a permanent injunction prohibiting Thiede, Nemelka, and those working with them from ever having any contact whatsoever with Syntek Global distributors, even using a fake identity like “Janicka Fox.” Syntek Global has nothing to hide. All of the court proceedings are a matter of public record for anyone to read.

Denton Thiede, Christopher Nemelka, and Filtagreen International Held in Contempt of Court and Sanctioned in Utah Lawsuit


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