Top XFT Distributors

Syntek Global was created to be a company for EVERYONE and is committed to providing a way for those that want to, to commit to their dreams and achieve their goals. This means that its success is directly related to the success of its distributors.

Syntek Global is growing at an amazing pace. They are thrilled by the success of so many of their distributors. They understand the reason is because they offer what is so hard to find…a way to make a meaningful income by saving people money, not asking them to spend more. They sell world-class product, Xtreme Fuel Treatment, while leveraging the strength of a one-of-a-kind compensation plan that has proven itself to be both lucrative and stable.

Join Syntek Global and become a distributor of Xtreme Fuel Treatment!

Top XFT Distributor to Join With
If you’re looking for a top XFT distributor to join with in this business, Philip Reynolds, one of the top leaders and Blue Diamonds of the company, would be much happy to welcome you in his team and have you work with him personally and help you become successful too.


Philip Reynolds Success Story
Philip Reynolds knows all about hard work and dedication. He didn’t set several world records in bodybuilding by giving up when things get challenging or when “you just don’t feel like it.” Through his involvement in lifting/bodybuilding and owning his own car window tinting business, Philip developed a strong work ethic—and that has served him well on his rise to Blue Diamond with Syntek Global.


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Philip tested the product in his Mercedes, where he saw his miles per gallon jump from 13 mpg to 18 mpg. He was excited about the results and began telling everyone! He held weekly meetings started in his tint showroom, where he would do the presentations. However, as word spread, they quickly grew out of that small space. Philip saw this as an opportunity to really lay a strong foundation for the Vermont team and decided to open up an office space and training center next door.


He continued sharing the Syntek Global opportunity in the new location, using it for one-on-one presentations and weekly events. This training center has been a great way to pique interested guests, who see Syntek Global as a real business. Philip started out sponsoring just a few in his small office but has grown that into thousands of distributors expanding into twelve countries.

Philip knows that just like with bodybuilding, it takes hard work and effort to build success in his Syntek Global business. Philip says, “I have found success by simply following the 1-2-3 system and helping my team leaders to build their businesses. It has gotten to the point where every day several distributors are joining our team.”

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Phil is always willing to help and support his business partners. He believes that their success is his success too. Nobody works alone in this business. He will be there to guide you until you reach your goal as how he reached his goal. He wouldn’t mind if you call him everyday and ask him questions about your Syntek business, because for him, that means you are serious in this business. He would rather have you call him everyday than not hear from you at all. That’s how approachable he is and motivated in this business.

You can contact Phil directly and ask how you can join him and work with him personally in this business. Just go to this website,

Or you can enroll now as Phil’s business partner, by clicking the link below:
Click Here to Enroll – USA 

(If from other countries, please contact Phil)

As soon as you enroll, you will receive welcome call and email from Phil with all the “Getting Started” training and tools. He’s looking forward to working with you.

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  1. Ratau Clement says:

    I am interested to be distributor. How much it will cost me to be distributor in south africa.

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