Syntek Global Distributor Success Story Featured in August Newsletter


Philip Reynolds

Philip Reynolds was introduced to Syntek Global by William Chalmers, who found Philip’s business card at a restaurant. William called him and asked if he could come down to his car tinting shop and show Philip the product. Philip saw the opportunity right away. With the rising gas prices, he thought this was a perfect business. Philip has always been interested in multi level marketing, and has joined several network marketing companies in the past. What he struggled with before Syntek Global, was finding a company that was based on a need instead of a want, and a company that could also help him earn a residual income. Everyone drives, everyone needs fuel, everyone likes to save money, and everyone needs the opportunity to make their dreams become a reality. Philip found his solution and joined Syntek Global.

Philip tested the Xtreme Fuel Treatment product in his Mercedes, where he saw his miles per gallon jump from 13 mpg to 18 mpg! He was excited about the results and began telling everyone! Weekly meetings started to be held in his tint showroom where he would do the presentations. With the word spreading about Syntek Global they quickly grew out of that small space. Philip saw this an opportunity to really lay a strong foundation for the Vermont team and decided to open up an office space and training center next door. They continued sharing the business in the new location using it for one on one presentation and weekly events. Their training center has been a great way to pique interested guests! Their guests see Syntek Global as a real business. Philip started out sponsoring just a few in his small office but has grown that into several hundred distributors expanding into 9 countries.

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Philip knows a lot about hard work and dedication, and has proven this by setting several world records in lifting/bodybuilding and by owning his own company. For him Syntek Global is no different, it takes hard work and effort to build success. Philip says, “I have found success by simply following the 1 2 3 system and helping my team leaders to build their businesses. It has gotten to the point where everyday several distributors are joining our team. I have not done this alone. I have a great upline, Josh Zwagil has been there through all of the growth being seen in Vermont. In addition to the phenomenal leaders I find success because of the way this business is structured and by the way this company supports us as distributors by providing us with all the trainings and tools we need. This company has given me an opportunity to represent a proven product that is in high demand worldwide. If you tell someone about the product and they use it they benefit! If you tell someone else and they want to become a distributor, they to also benefit. It’s a win, win. I can’t wait for Convention in October, and look forward to having my team in Vermont attend and continue to be trained by the leaders of this great company!”

For more info about the business and the product, click the links below:

Xtreme Fuel Treatment Product

Syntek Global Distributorship

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