Is Xtreme Fuel Treatment Safe For Your Engine?

Is Xtreme Fuel Treatment Safe For Your Engine?

If you have ever asked yourself this question, here are several facts for you to consider:

  • XFT has over 4 Billion Kilometres (2.5 billion miles) of successful operation around the world.
  • XFT has over 65 Million hours of successful engine run time.
  • XFT has been used successfully by commercial and industrial customers for over 20 years
  • The Magnuson-Moss Act (passed by the United States Congress) says that using a fuel treatment like XFT cannot affect your engine’s warranty.
  • We do not change the fuel specifications so there are no warranty issues involved. This was proven through testing by the ASTM.
  • Hundreds of tests and independent studies have been conducted by certified laboratories, universities, and companies to determine the benefits of XFT, all showing substantial benefits without any negative effects.
  • During the entire history of XFT being used throughout the world, no damages to engines or equipment have ever been shown or proven to occur.

Buy Xtreme Fuel Treatment

It is amazingly effective and perfectly safe. You can use XFT for your personal and commercial needs with absolute confidence, backed by Syntek Global Inc., and guaranteed – or your money back.

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For years certain large companies all over the world have been saving large amounts of money on their fuel costs and engine maintenance by using XFT.

And now, from Syntek Global, it is available to everyone. It is extremely beneficial for all engines, both at home or on the job.

From lawn mowers to minivans to large trucks and equipment

If you start your engine without XFT in the tank, YOU ARE WASTING MONEY!

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