How to Save Money on Fuel and Increase Engine Performance

Save on fuel, increase mileage and increase engine performance by using this comprehensive fuel treatment.

Xtreme Fuel Treatment or XFT is a comprehensive fuel additive that provides 4 key benefits: improved fuel economy, prolonged engine life, reduced emissions, and increased performance.

Syntek Global recently secured the rights to bring this product to the general public for the first time. Previous to this, only large industrial companies have been benefiting from this product. Now you can see the benefits for yourself.

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How XFT Works:

Increases fuel mileage and economy

XFT contains an oil-soluble organo-metallic compound which functions as a “burn rate modifier” and a “catalyst” to lower the ignition point of fuel by several hundred degrees…about 400 to be more exact! Put simply, this mean that it creates a longer burn time, allowing your engine to burn all of the fuel it gets rather than most of it.

Lowering the ignition point of the fuel, and providing a longer burn time for the combustion process, not only means a more complete burn, but also means that more fuel powers the engine and little if any goes out the exhaust. That doesn’t happen with regular or even premium grade fuel when used alone in your vehicle.

So what does this mean to you? Enabling a more complete burn process means you use less fuel because you’re using the available fuel more efficiently. This means better gas mileage and money saved!

Prolongs engine life and reduces wear

Better burn also results in less carbon buildup on engine parts. Less carbon buildup means less wear on your engine and its parts; this can translate into fewer repairs over the life of your vehicle, again, saving you money.

Reduces harmful emissions and pollutants

One of the unexpected and yet very important benefits of using XFT is what it does for our environment and the air we all breath.

By improving the combustion process in the engine you can reduce the harmful emissions produced by your vehicle. A common term used today is Carbon Footprint. A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact we have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gasses we produce. XFT will help you reduce your carbon footprint and make any vehicle you drive run cleaner.

Why does this product work so well?
The oil-soluble organo-metallic compound found in XFT simply means it can easily mix with other oil-based products evenly without any problems of separation or an uneven concentration in the fuel. If you use a pill or tablet form of an additive, it must dissolve and be dispersed through the fuel tank before it can even get into your engine and by the time the tablet or pill is completely dissolved you’ve already burned through precious gallons of gas. XFT makes sure every drop of fuel is treated before it burns in your engine.



“On our recent trip, we traveled 950 miles. I filled 3 different times using XFT as instructed. Our Kia Amanti went from 22.0 to 27.1 miles per gallon for the entire trip. I could not believe it. Where do I get more of this stuff?” – Duane H., Wyoming

“We decided to do a test on the fuel consumption between the trucking side and construction side of our company. The test result usingXFT were shocking, doing the same amount of work load if not more, we purchased 15% less fuel than the previous months. Our trucks were topping the “Three Sisters” hills on I-80 with 2 more gears than ever before and the trucks went from 5.6 miles per gallon to 7.2 miles per gallon after just one month. “ – Bill, Oilfield Service – Wyoming

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