Xtreme Fuel Treatment Product Testimonials and Savings Calculator

For Almost 20 Years, Industrial Giants Have Been Saving Thousands On Their Fuel Costs!

For The First Time EVER, Their Secret is Available To YOU…. And Its Success is 100% Guaranteed!

“I have been using XFT for my last four fill ups. I have upgraded my mpg from 20.2 to 26.3. Whats even better, my car is running with the power it use to have when I purchased it 5 years ago. I would definitely recommend XFT to all my friends.”- Marissa S., Glendale, AZ

It sounds too good to be true, and maybe you’ve heard it before from another product. But this one lives up to everything it says. The tests and results on this product have been unbelievable, saving the average person $10 – $20 every fillup.

Buy Xtreme Fuel Treatment

Truck owners are saving even more than that.

“I own a 2000 PeterBilt 379 with a 550 hp Cat. I have been disappointed in the average fuel mileage of 4.7 mpg. Since using XFT, my mileage has increased to between 5.7 and 6.2 mpg. Being an owner-operator, the rising cost of fuel reduces profits. This product is saving me $$ every day.”- Chuck, Jacksonville, FL

Still sound too good to be true? That is what Dr. Keith Laggos, President and Publisher of NM Business Journal, thought as well. Until he tested the product for himself on his 2008 Mercedes Benz. After seeing his mileage increase from 23 to 27 mpg, he was no longer skeptical and chose to feature Syntek Global’s XFT as the Product of the Month in the NM Business Journal.

“On the first leg of the trip from Chicago to Florida’s panhandle, the Mercedes Benz’s computer calculated that the mileage increased from 23 MPG to an even 27 MPG with an average speed of 73 miles per hour. That is a remarkable increase of 17.4 percent. Since XFT costs an average of 17 cents per gallon, the premium cost increase was 50 percent more than XFT’s cost and XFT got a 322 percent greater increase than the premium gas did. XFT’s 17.4 percent mileage increase is equivalent of saving about $.68 per gallon at $3.90 per gallon. That resulted in a return on investment (ROI) of 400 percent or a return of four times for your money.” – Network Marketing Business Journal

Syntek Global recently secured the rights to bring this product to the general public for the first time. Previous to this, only large industrial companies have been benefiting from this product. Now you can see the benefits for yourself.

What XFT Does for You

  • Improves gas mileage
  • Prolongs engine life
  • Increases horse power
  • Reduces emissions


Will this product work for you?

See for yourself what kind of results you can get with Xtreme Fuel Treatment by using our Savings Calculator that is located on this webpage link >> Click here <<

Click to >> Buy XFT

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